Electronic Hookah FAQ

How safe are e-shisha pens and e-cigs really?

The short answer is that shisa pens are significantly safer than smoking tobacco products like cigarettes. Most of them don’t even include nicotine, let alone the thousands of far more harmful, life threatening chemicals found in smoking tobacco.

It’s still fairly early days for e-cigs of course and so many are yet to be properly scientifically tested or medically regulated – and of course the big pharma companies behind more established NRT products probably hope to keep it that way!

Can you really use shisha sticks everywhere?

Not quite everywhere unfortunately but they certainly give you many more options than normal ciggies! Most bars, clubs, pubs and  in the UK will happily let you puff away on your shisha pen, some workplaces are even enlightened enough to allow them these days  -you’d best check though and be prepared to explain them to and educate non-smokers who may not have even seen one up close before.

Many airlines now don’t allow them for security reasons I suppose and some like Ryanair try and punt their own lame alternatives (inhalers without the vapour) so it’s worth checking before you travel.

I’ve used mine (sparingly admittedly) in airports and on trains before with no problems so far.

How do they work?

How similar is it to smoking tobacco cigarettes?

It’s close enough for me. You get to keep the ‘inhale and exhale’ habit you’ve developed, but without the nasty. harmful chemicals, health worries and at a vastly reduced cost too. There are some differences between ecigs and cigarettes of course, but gradually you get used to these and actually prefer them.

What do they cost?

Prices vary a fair bit, depending on what your preferences are, but you can pick up a pack of 5 disposable shishas pens from around £16.99 at the moment, or just try an individual one for around £5, still cheaper than a packet of fags and will last at least twice as long.

For the bigger, refillable shishas there are all sorts of different packages and bundles available. More to follow on all this soon.

There are so many different brands of shisha pens and e-cigs, which type of product is right for me?

Stay tuned for more on this soon – and subscribe to this site!

How durable are they, how long do they last?

This will vary from model to model as usual. My experience so far has been really impressive. I’d read that the batteries in my basic V2 cart model would only last 2 or 3 months. I’ve had mine for 9 months now with no issues so far.

Are disposable shisha pens recyclable at all?

Anyone know yet? Be good to know.

Do they really help you stop smoking tobacco?

They seem to be working for me so far, but it’s early days of course. E shishas and e-cigs have been around in some guise for a number of years now.

Many people have a strategy where they go from full strength e-cigs and gradually step this down until they’re using entirely nicotine-free shishas until the point where this highly addictive drug finally leaves their systems, but of course it could also be argued that you’re reinforcing the smoking habit simply by continuing with something that you inhale and exhale..only time will tell.

A quick google will show you thousands of testimonials from others who have successfully kicked the filthy habit using e-cigs or at least drastically cut down or had a lengthy break from smoking tobacco, which is no bad thing in itself.

I’ve certainly found them better than patches, gum or any NRT product I have tried in the past, and much easier than willpower alone – how about you?

Can you get them as NRT on the NHS?

Sadly not yet! Boo! :(

Where can I get them?

While there are some dedicated vaping shops in most bigger British cities, including mine – Edinburgh – you’ll generally find the best deals online. More info to come soon!

Disposable hookah pens

Disposable Hookah Pen Reviews

A search for disposable hookah pens reveals many brands plus sites carrying multiple brands. These stores secure low pricing because of low overheads and buying power. They often sell units in wholesale numbers to clients who can then pass competitive prices on to customers even after adding their markup. Take a look at some of the names on the market, and also at some of the differences between brands.

Starbuzz E HookahsHookah Pen Reviews: Nic or No-Nic?

The first thing you will want to remember is that some firms sell only nicotine-free hookahs, certain brands always contain nicotine, and several provide the option. You do not want to find yourself buying the wrong thing by mistake.

No Nicotine

Everyday Hookah, for example, is a nic-free hookah company. You can use their pens anywhere in flavors such as coffee or one of several fruit varieties. Their regular price is $14.99 per pen for up to 600 puffs unless you get them on sale. You can do better price wise. That said you might be purchasing inferior goods too. After trying one from several brands you could end up choosing to pay more.

You might like the button-free Everyday Hookah because buttons have a tendency to be deployed by mistake. This wastes your battery and also causes a burn risk.

A Wave of Flavor

Another big name in electronic hookah pens is Tsunami. Try an e hookah in fruit, menthol, or a tobacco style and each hookah is $6.99 for as many as 800 puffs. These items contain nicotine.

Lone Star Selection

Texas Hookah disposables give you up to 600 puffs for $9.99 at a Hookah e-store. You could pay more or less somewhere else. Customers get 6mg of nicotine, which is lower than the 12mg from Tsunami. Already you see a difference: Texas is more expensive for up to 200 fewer puffs and less of a nicotine rush.

A New Shape

Up until now, the silicone tips of electronic hookahs have all been cylinders, like actual pens (which is what these items usually resemble). Fantasia disposable hookah pens feature a natural mouthpiece pinched in the middle. They cost $14.99 each, though, and even for up to 800 puffs that could seem steep. There is an automatic shut-off function and flavors include Washington Apple. There is no nicotine in a Fantasia.

Smooth Selection

Maybe you like nicotine but not the flavors and vapor produced by a company. Perhaps the no-nic versions taste great, but you still crave nicotine. Smooth offers 0, 18mg, or 24mg for $9.99 each. Flavors include Cool Bliss and the witty Convicted Melon.


Taste is a tricky thing to describe or to review. You might have to explore an extensive assortment of hookah pens to decide which pen has all the qualities you are looking for. For example, apart from the nicotine issue, there is draw, vapor production, throat hit, and flavor. Resistance can be produced with a single, small hole in the silicone mouthpiece. Some people like low resistance instead.

Ultimately, the goal is to find a product which you like so much you are willing to buy a reusable pen and rechargeable battery: a starter kit essentially. At least this is research you can enjoy.